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Power Portions

Partnering with Power Portions, we uniquely combine science, licensed professional expertise, accountability, and culinary mastery to offer services tailored to improve health and fitness performance.

Rapid Refine E-Course

The Rapid Refine is a 100% virtual foundational nutrition education course that is meant to help you cut through nutrition clutter by providing you with evidence-based truths, as well as internal and external solutions to achieving a healthier YOU!

30-Min Nutrition Consult

Initial nutrition session to briefly identify problems, select goals, review pertinent past health/nutrition history, provide provision on nutrient needs and co-develop goals for client success. Perfect for those with a busy schedule.

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LJP Nutrition Starter Kit

Kick-off your health journey by pairing your LJP handcrafted workouts with a suite of foundational and individualized nutrition services.

Includes: Rapid Refine Course, 30-minute initial and monthly follow up consults, 4-week Meal Plan plus optional updates, and in-between session communication.

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